The mind behind your eyes

uSee decodes all events detected by video sources and sensors, prevents critical situations and automates workflows.

Security, innovation and ease of use

With uSee, Video management evolves into a platform that serves your business.

Greater control over events
Ease and speed of analysis
Live, searches and results always accessible on the move
One fee and zero unexpected costs

Increase the potential of your security and automation systems

Accessibility everywhere


Direct support

Complete event management


Ease of integration


Video Surveillance As A Service

uSee is a service that can be configured as needed, compatible and interoperable with all cameras, sensors, security devices and video analysis systems.
For full control over events, uSee is always accessible in total security, via application and browser.
This is the solution with no upfront investment and no unexpected costs .
This is the solution for direct and indirect assistance.

A single fee:

for the best technology according to your needs
for a control platform that is always accessible
for a cybersecure and always up-to-date system
for technical support and scheduled quarterly check-ups
The highest quality of service and customer satisfaction is our result, it is the principle with which we have been operating for over 30 years on video management systems and networks.


uSee has something for everyone

From On-premise systems to Hybrid Cloud systems, you can rely on a solution that can adapt to you.

If your goal is the maximum operability of your Video management system, uSee is the right choice for you. You can configure your access to the Cloud, selecting the most suitable technologies and tools for your needs, starting from a service accessible wherever there is an Internet connection.

uSee connects every network with the best and most useful performance of Cloud technology.

The UNIQUE advantages of uSee:

Usable from any device
Instant creation of events and automations
Chat and video calls with other users for sharing information and interventions
Intuitive and customizable display for easy access to all services
Unique features such as video analytics with AI, Forensic Search, target tracking and tagging
An open, ONVIF®-certified platform that is interoperable with all security and video analytics devices
Support, updates and periodic check-ups always included


The power of seeing… without watching.

The accuracy of uSee's AI grants you total control over your environment, reporting only what is relevant to you.

To be useful, any technology must be easy to use. And thanks to AI, it is time to update the concept of video surveillance to meet the ever-increasing application needs.

You can choose uSee's VCA analytics or take advantage of its interoperability with cameras with on-board intelligence or third-party video analytics applications.

Thanks to uSee's compatibility with video surveillance and video analysis systems, you can organize and launch specific utility processes such as:
Carry out forensic researches
Preventing critical issues
Operate devices or tracking
Classify and report information of interest

With uSee, you can evolve your cameras into operational tools that can:

Monitor and research specific targets
Define programmable procedures
Provide simultaneous access to multiple sites
Instantly share videoclips, events, and information

You choose

Customize view Displays
Easily compile and read data
Create accurate and in-depth reports
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