With uSee, you can evolve your network of cameras and sensors in a Video Management Software (VMS) that is always up-to-date in technology and cybersecurity.

Depending on the results you want to achieve, you can integrate uSee with additional services and devices to discover the highest levels of interoperability available today.


uSee is the platform that integrates video recording and archiving functions with artificial intelligence and object recognition systems. This allows you a more in-depth, faster and intuitive interpretation of the events as they happen and an easier filtering of events that have happened in the past.
uSee breaks down all the events detected by your devices and organizes them into accessible and secure information.
An event is anything that a camera or sensor can detect: the movement of a particular vehicle, an unusual behavior by one person or a group of people, or the presence of smoke or excessive heat.
uSee receives events and links them to specific alerts or workflows, always according to your needs. This allows you to fully automate your living and work environments to prevent critical issues.
Every single detail detected becomes an event that uSee classifies and makes available to you.
AI search
Smart tag
Geo Maps
With uSee, video control is always up to date and tech support is included. This guarantees the best performance in terms of usability, timeliness and depth of analysis of the information collected by cameras and sensors, organized by Artificial Intelligence according to your needs.

The video images combine to create a set of information; or an event that can be accessed in real-time for the search of specific subjects. These forensic search capabilities allow users to:
Search object classes, specific events, access control, and more
Easy-to-read and comprehensive report
Forensic Search

Only with uSee


With uSee, you can activate a chat or video call with other users to collaborate on work flow or intervene with real-time situations. Use your mobile device to provide instant situational awareness from the field back to the control room.


Compatibility means working with video systems and being able to add a new eye to video control. When necessary, any smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet can become a live bodycam on the event


Discover the ease of use of uSee: explore its functions through our online demo.

The management of events collected by cameras and sensors is easy to use and makes the interaction with live and recorded events effective and timely.
uSee is an excellent collaboration tool that, thanks to its ease of use, intuitiveness and immediacy of access to all functions, allows you to instantly view live and recorded video from various cameras of your video surveillance system.
uSee optimizes the work of identifying and searching for the events collected, with speed of access to the desired information and ease of reading reports on the events of your interest.
CUSTOMIZATION of the display for a precise observation of the events collected by your video surveillance network.
EASY to read reports.
SPEED of access to the events sought.

uSee thus becomes a tool for:

Easy tracking and search for specific targets
Simultaneous access to multiple sites
Instant sharing of clips, events, and information
Customized access configuration
  • uSee is fast, easy, complete data reading and reporting

  • uSee is real-time alert and event sharing


uSee is an ONVIF®-certified open platform, interoperable with numerous security and video analytics devices

Interoperability is the key word of uSee, an open platform, compatible with:
Cameras & Sensors
Video content analysis Software
Security devices, access control and intrusion detection.
This allows you to operate through a single software and easily program workflows to:
Prevent critical issues and disasters
Operate devices or tracking
Classify and report information of interest


uSee's ease of use allows you to add security devices in just a few steps with total autonomy.
APIs – Application programming interfaces – are protocols that connect uSee's software with other tools and applications, and uSee makes them available to allow you to easily integrate the security devices and applications you are interested in at any time.
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